Dark Deer timers

Simple and Easy to Use Time after Time! 

For the first time Competition centres both large and small can afford to hold show jumping events which are accurately timed with Dark Deer. 
Dark Deer Timers employ a unique Timing gate technology which makes alignment extraordinarily quick even when the gate units are 50 metres apart. The control box is very simple with clearly labelled buttons, and when you add an external display so the audience can share the excitement of a jump-off, then you have a professionally timed competition accurate to 100th of a second. 
Course builders and Judges love them because they are so simple to align , set-up and use. Using the latest wireless technology, the Judges console allows different class types to be configured and with 3 sets of heads (rather than just 2), the system can time multi-phase competitions (eg. Single or 2 phase). Extremely competitively priced, the Timing heads can be mounted on photographer tripods using standard camera brackets and can be supplied with individual charging cables attaching to an 8 channel USB charging unit that simply plugs in to the mains. Each of the heads has its own individual battery capacity indicator so you will know when to charge them, and the Console uses 2 lithium batteries which means It will run for 48 hours between charges. 
The wireless link to a range of LED displays provides all the information needed to identify the winning duo, to the watching audience. Larger displays can be provided, that can show bridal Number, Horse name and Rider name as well as the time and number of faults recorded, with the Showmanager "JOINED-UP" technology. 

Timing Gates (Heads) 


Judges Console 

Dark Deer Timers are easy to use but do not lack functionality. The control panel has been designed by a specialist in User Interfaces so that people can learn to use it in 5 minutes and errors during operation are minimised.It is no use making the gates easy to use if the control panel looks like the cockpit of a jumbo jet. Ours contains 8 colour coded buttons and a couple of switches to simply control the timing equipment. 

Tripod Options 

Tripod Options
Tripod Options

Charging Pack 

The Timing Gates or heads use a standard USB charger, shown above. It connects to the heads with cables having a USB “A” connection on one end and a “Mini USB” connection on the other as shown above. We can supply them or you can order direct from most High Street Electrical suppliers. 
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