Public Area & Arena Displays

Keeping People Informed-Arena Displays 

Equestrian Shows and events attract a large number of people to watch them, including organisers spectators, owners and Riders. All of the people at the show want to be informed and know what is happening. They want to be engaged and they want to participate in what is happening in the Show arenas. This has led to a heightened often unspoken requirement for information. 
What is becoming Increasingly prevalent in public spaces and areas is new digital signage or displays that can share more information pertinent to what is occurring in real time. This can only be a good thing as people want to understand , who is competing right now, how are they doing and how do they compare with previous competitors. What do they need to do to win and who and how many are still left to have their turn. Eye-catching displays are now becoming the centre of attention in show centres sharing all this information so people can be informed and more engaged in the competition. 
Public Area & Arena Displays
Sometimes it is even more simple than this because people just want to know so they can play their day right: 
How many are left to Jump? 
How many are in this class? 
How many are in the class after next? 
When will it start? 
Have I got time to have a bacon sandwich in the restaurant before my daughter is in the ring? 
Showmanager generates all of the information required to answer most questions and has a display portal that makes this information available to anyone who wants it. 
Displaying this on a Large eye catching Arena display or in a restaurant or Public areas around the show grounds is now possible with the Showmanager software. 
The Complete Judging subsystem can be linked to the Dark Deer Timing systems and displays so that the timing data is automatically fed into the judging module. It can also be linked to larger displays which as well as showing the time, can display the horse and rider’s name, as well as additional information on the current class Results, positions and “time to beat”. These larger displays are now much more cost-effective to install and can remain outside all year around with minimal servicing requirements. 
Similarly, the same information and other key show status details can be displayed on restaurant screens (monitors) and other displays in Public areas as required. 

Arena Displays 

Large Display (128 x 96 ) 10mm pp - Horse & Rider name display 

Standard Display (96cm X 32cm- 10mm pp) with 7 colours The timing systems all link wirelessly to the Judges console and the Arena displays, so the displays can be moved around the arena as required. The displays are powered using standard mains power connections or if necessary a 12v DC leisure battery and invertor hardware can be provided at extra cost.    

All these products and solutions are 
Simple to use, Affordable and highly Functional. 
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