Save Time & Money and Deliver Excellent Events

Save Time & Money and Deliver Excellent Events 

Managing show jumping, dressage and Equestrian events is challenging enough without the complication of using a range of manual processes or different soft applications. This can be hugely time consuming and expensive. Now there is a better way with Showmanager for managing all types of Equestrian disciplines: Show Jumping, Dressage and Eventing. It allows you to pick and mix just those applications you need and pay for them on a subscription basis, with minimum upfront costs, so that you only pay for as little or as much you need. These are the different applications available: 
Scheduling & Results 
Class Entry - Online and Over the Counter Entries 
Website Integration 
Onsite Judging & Collecting Ring systems 
Membership & Marketing database · 
Financial Reporting & Management 
Mobile Telephones and SMART Applications 

The Design 

Showmanager has been designed to incorporate the expertise and know-how from experienced equestrian centre owners, riders and event judges.  The modular design of the software components and the modern architecture facilitates them, working with your existing systems, websites and infrastructure. Showmanager is designed to manage all aspects of the event or Show as a "JOINED-UP" solution,that will save you time and money and help you deliver well-run events that are appreciated by everyone. This software is part of a suite of solutions for equestrian centres developed, by Dark Deer Ltd. 

Running your Show 

The software manages the whole competition including: 
“Over the Counter” entries. People are checked against the British Showjumping and or Equestrian Centre database to validate their Affiliation and qualifications to enter a class 
On line registration using “EQUO”- The integration with Showmanager means that information is entered just once and shared across the systems, removing hours of data entry duplication, saving time and money. 
Set up of all the classes which may differ in terms of the rules which apply, the standard of the competitors and the nature of the event, e.g. handicaps and two phase competitions. 
Management of the holding ring where horses waiting to compete are held and come forward to compete managed by the steward who can access the data on an iPad or PC. 
Sales Order Processing – all purchases; be they of hay, overnight stables or entry fees are recorded under the competitor’s account and statements produced. Money is taken and allocated against the correct item so that an operational P&L can be produced for the show. 
The production of results in the format required by the governing body. They can be downloaded over the internet to the head office database. 
The real-time display of competition information such the classes currently running, estimated times for the next classes, and results in real-time. This information can be displayed on TV monitors, computers, iPads and smart phones 

How it works 

All that is required to access the software is a standard computer, PC/laptop or tablet with connection to the Internet. You don’t need to worry about anything, just fire up your PC and Login. All the processing technology, hardware and software for Showmanager resides off-site in a secure (Microsoft Azure) “Cloud” Datacenter in the UK and accessed via the Internet. 
The advantage of the cloud-based architecture is that all backups are done for you every 4 hours; any defects that are fixed are immediately available to all users; similarly, everyone can use all enhancements immediately. The datacenter also employs “Load Balancing” so you do not need to worry about buying more powerful hardware as your business expands. The servers are contained in a “Server Farm” which constantly monitors the load placed upon them and will automatically recruit more resources when needed. This could be memory, disc space or processing power. It also reduces resources when the load lightens making the system much more economic than in-house computer systems. 
The Showmanager software has been developed so that it is compatible with most other common software systems and information such as Schedules, Results and Membership details can be shared, displayed, exported/imported and simply integrated with your website. All the reports can be read by Microsoft Excel so you can enhance the calculations you need and format the data to produce charts and pivot tables. 
Equo integration

EQUO integration 

Recently, Dark Deer have formed a strategic partnership with TI Media, the owners of Horse and Hound (“H&H”), whereby Dark Deer now develops, supports and markets EQUO, their online registration product. This too has been integrated within the Showmanagersuite of products, so that on demand, the complete Show details are automatically published on EQUO showing the class details and available extras (Stables, Hook-ups, Shavings, First Aid etc) that are on offer. EQUO clients can then select the classes and extras they want to purchase online and all entries made are automatically input to the correct classes within Showmanager and the payments transferred online. This removes hours of data entry duplication, saves a lot of time, and simplifies the Online entry process for the Organiser. Shows published on EQUO are given more publicity and invariably better attended. 
Showjumping - Dark Deer timers
All these products and solutions are  Simple to use, Affordable and highly Functional
All these products and solutions are 
Simple to use, Affordable and highly Functional. 
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