"Joined up" solutions

"JOINED-UP" Solutions 

Whether using individual tools and systems or simply writing everything down on paper, if the information is not integrated or shared across the Competition Centre, then someone, somewhere has to link each of the tasks and bits of information together. This means extra time and cost! Most Equestrian Competition Centre’s today have a lot of different technology and software that they use including: 
01. Electronic Wireless timing systems 
02. Invoicing applications and spread-sheets 
03. Judging applications 
04. Radio walkie-talkies 
05. Online entries 
06. Video streaming to TVs and websites 
07. Membership databases 
08. Customer Lists 
09. Commentators Databases and information 
10. Point of Sales (POS) terminals where payments are taken 
Showmanager - showjumping
The challenge is that these tend to be standalone or "silo" technologies that are seldom, if ever, integrated and do not talk to each other. They have access to, use and store lots of information and while individually they do their own single set of tasks extremely well, they are not integratedand therefore the information cannot be shared
The information can only be shared by additional human interaction and effort, which is time consuming, clumsy, error prone and expensive. At best this can result in extra cost and extra manpower required to run the show; and at worst it can be the difference between a show running smoothly or suffering delays and interruptions that materially impact the overall efficiency of the Competition Centre and the competitors enjoyment. 
Poorly run shows inevitably mean that subsequent shows are not as well supported because nobody wants to have to wait around all the time not knowing what is going on; everyone wants to compete where the shows are run efficiently, and on-time. Everyone! Organisers, Competitors, Owners and Spectators all need to know what is going on and what will happen next.....they want to be properly informed. 
Now there is a better way with Showmanager! 
Showmanager creates these joined-up systems and software, where information collected at each stage is shared across a common database so it can be re-used where needed and displayed to keep people regularly updated with the shows progress. 
Showmanagerwas designed from its inception to do this task and link together all the disparate systems so that information flows across the show and in the arenas. 
Showmanager has been designed to incorporate the expertise and know-how from experienced equestrian Centre owners, riders and event judges. The modular design of the software components and the modern architecture facilitates them, working with your existing systems, websites and infrastructure. Showmanager is designed to manage all aspects of the event or Show as a "Joined-up"solution, which will save you time and money and help you deliver well-run events that are appreciated by everyone. 
All these products and solutions are 
Simple to use, Affordable and highly Functional. 
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